Awesome, Ultra

This is so awesome! And crazy! But mostly insanely awesome. Again, big thanks to everyone who read, commented, liked, re-blogged, and/or followed!

For me, yesterday was a normal Monday for about 20 minutes. I woke up at 7:45 to my alarm clock blasting PSA (allow me to re-introduce myself…MY NAME IS HOV!). I made my lunch. Then I casually checked my WordPress before breakfast. I had…682 views?!?! At first, I thought WordPress was playing a cruel April fool’s prank on me.

Then I came to the sudden realization that the date was April 2nd.

Heart pounding, I quickly went to WordPress’ homepage and sure enough, to my utter astonishment, the post I had written about “discovering” Frank Ocean was Freshly Pressed! Throughout the school day I took peeks at my page views and watched in complete amazement as the page views climbed by the hundreds.  When I finally got home from school, I had a ton of comments to moderate, but as any blogger would know, that is the best type of problem to have.

You see, before yesterday, my previous best writing achievement was having not one, but TWO of my questions featured in the inaugural Daily Thunder mailbag (I’m huge Thunder fan and religiously read Daily Thunder).

Getting “freshly pressed” is easily 100 times more awesome.

Fun fact of the day: the unofficial count of how many times I said the phrase “This is soooo awesome!” yesterday was approximately 781 gazillion.

I'm international! Props to all the people around the world who liked what I wrote!

Big thanks to every single one of my new followers! You have given me my opportunity to write for a larger audience, and now it’s time for me to prove myself! This blog will only get better! Look forward to posts about sports, pop culture, and anything that I find interesting, funny, and/or newsworthy! I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pumped! One more exclamation point!

 I may not have won $218 million dollars, but I certainly won the lottery.


PS: In case the readers of the Frank Ocean post were wondering, about a week ago I listened to (and LOVED) Nostalgia, Ultra. I thought every song was great, but my personal favorite was “Songs for Women”. Definitely going to download The Lonny Beraux Collection and listen to it ASAP.

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6 responses to “Awesome, Ultra

  1. IM sure seeing 4,000 views was a real eye opener haha

  2. congratulations man… im excited for u n i dont even kno u! lol jus one blogger to another it a feeling i cant wait to get!

  3. Confrats!! I’m so happy for you!!

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